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Rahab’s Hideaway

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What is the Mission of Rahab’s Hideaway?

It is the mission Rahab’s Hideaway to develop appropriate responses to meet the needs of those who have become victims of sex trafficking; including, but not limited to, the development of a model facility that can provide refuge and facilitate recovery.   Such a facility could meet the needs of our community and provide a template, which if followed by others could extend the benefits of our good efforts across our country and around the world.

Who oversees Rahab’s Hideaway?

Rahab’s Hideaway is operated and managed by NISRE, Inc. (Nothing Into Something Real Estate). NISRE, Inc. is a faith based, nonprofit organization that has been successfully serving the community with the reintegration of offenders from prison since 2002. NISRE, Inc. is based out of Columbus, Ohio. It is governed by a 6 member Board of Directors, and overseen by Michele Reynolds, Founder & Executive Director.

Who do you serve?

Rahab’s Hideaway provides safe housing and supportive services for women who are victims of sex trafficking.


What is the criteria for getting into the program?

The main criterion is to be a confirmed victim of human trafficking.

What type of programs & services do you offer?

In order to help survivors achieve greater stability, Rahab’s, Hideaway focuses on transforming their survival skills into tools they can use to achieve stability and become productive citizens. To this end, Rahab’s has five areas of service, including:

Housing. Rahab’s provides safe housing and an array of support services, such as mentoring and counseling services, to participants for up to 24 months or until they have aged out of the program.

Health. Rahab’s partners with health professionals to provide low-cost medical services to program participants, including vision, OB/GYN, dental, podiatry services, among others.

Support. Rahab’s offers supportive services for residents in the program, as well as wrap around services for former residents and survivors that want to stay connected.

Empowerment In addition to partnering with several local employment and work readiness programs to help prepare participants for the LIFE, Rahab’s, implements social enterprises to help provide participant with developing self-sustaining entrepreneurial skills.

Justice. Rahab’s aims to help survivors find justice through (a) raising public awareness; (b) increasing victim identification;(c) providing strategies for intervention and prevention; (d) advising policy change; and (e) engaging the community in large-scale awareness events, including our Candlelight Vigil, Benefit Breakfast, and the Annual Going Green for Human Trafficking.